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Hailey Bieber Promises Her Air-Fryer Wings Will Change Your Life — and, TBH, We're Sold.

In case Hailey Bieber's other YouTube series "Who's In My Bathroom?" didn't pique your interest, maybe her new cooking show "What's In My Kitchen?" will. Or, at the very least, the words "air-fryer chicken wings" might get your attention.

In the newest episode of her cooking series, Bieber shared her homemade wings recipe, and they're apparently so good, she's straight-up begging you to try them. "Please try these wings, 'cause I promise you they're really really good. I promise you these wings are gonna do something for your life."

Yes, Bieber is a megalebrity with a really nice kitchen, professional film crew, and not one but two air fryers on hand ("so that I can cook all of [the wings] at once") but being with her in the kitchen feels surprisingly down-to-Earth. She doesn't hesitate to get messy, dunking her hands into the raw chicken marinade ("supermodel" manicure and all) and even getting a little weird with us. "There are some people that really don't like touching raw meat, which I understand, because it feels bizarre. But I kinda like it. Is that weird?" It is weird! But we kinda like it.


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