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People Magazine | Hailey Bieber Shares 'the Best' Air Fryer Wings on Her New At-Home Cooking Show

Hailey Bieber is inviting fans into her and Justin Bieber's real-life kitchen for a taste of her favorite dishes.

The founder of skincare company Rhode announced a new casual cooking show on YouTube called What's in My Kitchen?. (Hailey, 26, has dropped one-off episodes of the series in the past but this is the start of the first full season.) For episode 1 of 6, Hailey, 26, kicks off with "that wing life."

The model shares her buttermilk-brined chicken wings, which is a staple in her house.

"They don't have an official name," Hailey, 26, says at the start of the clip. "So I'm going to show you how I came up with this recipe and how I make them."


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