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Seventeen | Hailey Bieber Drops a New Episode of Her Cooking Show "What's In My Kitchen?"

From her truffle oil pizza toast and viral Erewhon smoothie to the dinner recipes that she posts on her Instagram stories, Hailey Bieber knows her way around the kitchen. The model’s TikTok page might be full of glazed donut nail tutorials and Rhode product swatches, but she also loves showing off the recipes that she whips up for herself and Justin regularly.

Fans (🙋‍♀️) have taken notice of her delicious-looking concoctions and begged Hailey to release more food content. Well, ask and you shall receive because the model just announced that she’s launching a brand new series on her YouTube channel. Her most recent launch “What’s in My Kitchen?” will continue the food theme with cooking videos based on her most popular recipes.


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