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What's In My Kitchen? With Hailey Rhode Bieber

Series | YouTube | 2023 - Present

What's In My Kitchen? With Hailey Rhode Bieber

In Hailey Rhode Bieber’s new series what’s in my kitchen?, she brings fans into her real-life home kitchen and invites audiences to share in her culinary passion. In each episode, Hailey tackles a different recipe, showing viewers how to make both new recipes along with some of her favorite dishes, including pizza toast, chicken wings, and more. The series is a spinoff of Bieber’s successful YouTube series, Who’s In My Bathroom?, which has welcomed guests including Gwyneth Paltrow, Keke Palmer, and Lil Dicky into Bieber’s bathroom for unfiltered conversations across its multi-season run. After releasing pilot episodes on YouTube, the immediate audience demand solidified the decision to do full series launch. The first 6-episode season of what’s in my kitchen? is presented by premium cookware brand HexClad.

Coming off of the immense success of her flagship talk show Who's in my Bathroom?, Hailey Bieber kicked off a brand new series on her YouTube channel called what's in my kitchen?. This series is is a show inspired by Hailey's love of food and trying out different recipes. You’ve seen her make pizza toast, creamy tuscan pasta, smoothies, and more - and now she's taking her audience even deeper into her actual home kitchen to recreate some of these classics and go on many more fun food adventures! A self-professed foodie, each episode will feature Bieber tackling a new challenge and leveling up her skills and love of food.

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