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Bobby Hannah

Finance and Accounting Executive

Bobby Hannah is a finance and accounting executive at OBB where he oversees finance and accounting on all of the company’s television, branded, and podcast projects in addition to his responsibilities relating to general financial and accounting matters at the corporate level.

Prior to joining OBB, Bobby worked at Fremantle Media as a Senior Financial Analyst across multiple business units and television productions. Born and raised in Burbank, CA, Bobby moved to the east coast to pursue his passion for hockey where he played in Portland, Maine for two years. He then went on to play in New York for Hobart College. Studying Economics there, he became interested in a career in finance, which took him to New York City for the start of his professional career working on the numbers side of digital advertising. Life brought him back full circle to Southern California in 2015 where he landed a job in TV Finance and he hasn't looked back since. When not in the office, you can find Bobby in the nearest body of water swimming, or on the road running or cycling as he trains for the next triathlon on his calendar.

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