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Dylan Marder

Director of Production and Operations, OBB Sound

Dylan Marder is the Director of Production and Operations at OBB Sound where he oversees all unscripted and scripted podcasts from development through delivery.

Dylan is from Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in Jazz Music from Hofstra University in New York. Dylan started his career in audio managing the Duke Ellington Orchestra in New York City, touring with the big band and handling their music catalog. Dylan took his passion for music and audio to the world of media and content creation, first composing music and sound design for advertising and film projects and later producing and creative-directing worldwide campaigns for leading brands including Beats By Dre, Lincoln, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Apple, and countless others. He is an expert in audio storytelling, with over 15 years of experience crafting sounds for podcasts, television, and film. Dylan lives with his wife and son and spends most of his time baking bread, listening to music, and singing songs to his son.

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