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Emily Trio

Senior Video Editor

Emily Trio is the Senior Video Editor for OBB. Emily Trio is an award-winning Editor based in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor of Arts in Documentary Film Production and was hired shortly thereafter at BuzzFeed in Los Angeles. Emily has edited two award-winning narrative short films, worked as a Development Executive in unscripted television, was the Lead Editor for InStyle Magazine’s celebrity interview series “The Badass Questionnaire,” and edited videos at live events like Splash House and TwitchCon. Emily has worked with other notable companies and brands such as Netflix, Disney, Film45, People Magazine, Maserati, Lululemon, Day One Agency, and Converse, and is also on the Motion Picture Editors’ Guild roster. When she’s not working, Emily enjoys a good cup of coffee, listening to jazz, and hanging out with her mini wiener dog, Hoagie.

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