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Eve Bishop

Associate Producer

Eve Bishop is an Associate Producer at OBB Sound, where she helps create and execute various podcasts.

Originally from Sag Harbor, NY, Eve moved to the sunny state of California in 2017 to attend Pomona College, where she recently graduated with a degree in Media Studies and Spanish. During her time as a student, she had several work experiences in the film & TV, digital marketing, and music spaces, until she ultimately found her true calling: making podcasts. Since then, she’s produced for podcasts like The Walk-In, Mystery Recipe, Shelter In Place, and Tight Lipped. She also independently produced a narrative nonfiction series about the conflict surrounding deer overpopulation in her hometown, which naturally, she decided to call “Deer Humans,”.

In her free time, Eve enjoys crafting of all kinds (especially jewelry making) taking dance classes, and catching a classic movie screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. She also frequents many of the Eastside’s delightful coffee shops, where you’ll find her sipping on an iced oat latte and asking the person next to her if she can pet their dog.

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