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Jake Wilson

Motion Graphics Designer

Jake Wilson is Lead Motion Graphics Artist at OBB Media where he curates 2D/3D animations and assets across all mediums.

Prior to OBB, Jake graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL where he started off as an intern for Flavor/Cutters Studios in Chicago. Eventually working his way through the ranks from junior to senior motion graphics designer during his 6 years there where he worked on commercial advertising for clients such as McDonalds, Pokemon, Intel, Gatorade, Modelo, etc.

Eventually he decided it was time for new scenery and decided to leave Chicago for the west coast in 2022 to continue motion graphics work in California. When he's not working you can catch him listening to new music, being active physically, mentally, and socially. Which includes watching or playing sports, traveling to a new city, exploring the city he's in or laid up with a book.

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