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Luanna DeJesus

Executive Assistant to Michael D. Ratner

Luanna DeJesus is the Executive Assistant to the CEO of OBB Media, Michael D. Ratner. Luanna plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations by managing all administrative tasks, scheduling, and logistics with the utmost attention to detail.

Growing up in Boston, as a first-generation Latina immigrant, Luanna has always been driven by her passion for the entertainment industry. This led her to pursue her studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles where she honed her skills and truly discovered her love for the industry. Luanna's career in entertainment started from the ground up, working on music videos, album projects, live tours, and photoshoots for some of your favorite A-list artists. Luanna went on to assist on campaigns for hit television and film projects such as Gaslit featuring Julia Roberts and the POWER series created by 50 Cent.

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