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Sahal Farah

Creative Executive

Sahal is a Creative Executive at OBB Media, where he helps oversee and produce projects on OBB's scripted slate across all stages of development and production.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sahal started making home movies at the age of nine years old, inspired by classic blockbusters of the eighties, and of course, Star Wars. Encouraged by his East African parents to pursue a career in law, it wasn’t until he attended California Lutheran University as a Communications major where he quietly started pursuing a future in film. His first foray into the industry as an intern at Warner Brothers Television Group introduced him to the world of story development and inspired him to continue exploring that path. From there he went on to join Bad Robot Productions’ rotational program, shadowing the executives and their assistants, and gained a wider scope of industry experience ranging from production, film and television development, digital interactive pursuits, and more. After a short run at Blumhouse Productions as an office production assistant, he was hired onto his first development desk at HBO, and quickly rose in the ranks there to become the executive assistant to the President of Films, Miniseries and Cinemax where he worked with the team for three years.

Sahal has a deep passion for music, frequently attending concerts and exchanging recommendations of new artists amongst friends. As a LA native, he has an adoration for his city’s impact on the urban streetwear and fashion landscape, and proudly wears his influences (literally) on his sleeves. He strives to incorporate all of these other aspects of himself into the kinds of projects he oversees at OBB, projects that reflect and represent a wide breadth of voices and perspectives.

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