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Integrating climate action behind the scenes and on-screen


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Community Services Unlimited is a nonprofit based in South Central Los Angeles that creates food justice-driven programs and educational initiatives for the community. Their mission is to address the inequalities and systemic barriers that make sustainable and self-reliant communities unattainable.


The OBB team joined CSU for a day of gardening and learning at their CSU/EXPO Urban Mini Farm. 


Visit here to learn more about Community Services Unlimited and how you can get involved.


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Series | YouTube | 2021 - Present

In Hailey Rhode Bieber’s new series what’s in my kitchen?, she brings fans into her real-life home kitchen and invites audiences to share in her culinary passion. In each episode, Hailey tackles a different recipe, showing viewers how to make both new recipes along with some of her favorite dishes.

The first 6-episode season of what’s in my kitchen? is presented by premium cookware brand HexClad.


In partnership with OBB Cares, the show sources produce and ingredients featured in what’s in my kitchen? recipes from the Village Market Place, a social enterprise under food justice nonprofit Community Services Unlimited based in South Central Los Angeles. The Village Market Place aims to increase access to healthy, affordable, high quality local foods; create local jobs; and expand support for regional small farmers and other local small business owners.


The show also features Hailey composting food scraps at home and provides tips on reducing food waste, composting, and how things like meal planning and composting can help reduce waste in landfills and help slow climate change. 


Watch now on YouTube


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2022 - Present

We know that productions emit high volumes of Greenhouse Gases and generate tons of wasted materials, and that we collectively need to change the way we work. 


With the help of the Green Spark Group, OBB is working towards reducing our environmental impact and implementing sustainable practices throughout our productions at OBB Studios.


Our focus is on accountability - building strong relationships internally to achieve our sustainability goals; circularity - practicing sourcing for office and production materials, and reusing rather than wasting; and energy - cutting emissions from fuel and electricity by improving efficiency and optimizing transportation. While we’re just at the beginning of our journey, we’re excited to be taking the first step towards our sustainability goals.


Good Energy.png


2022 - Present

OBB is a community partner of Good Energy, a nonprofit story consultancy for the age of climate change. Good Energy’s mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in TV and film that reflect the world we live in now—and help us envision a better future. 


They aim to make it as easy as possible to portray the climate emergency on-screen in entertaining and artful ways, in any storyline, across every genre. Made up of writers, artists, academics, and experts who understand the human side of climate change, Good Energy bridges the gap between climate experts, people on the front lines of the crisis, and industry creatives.


We are grateful to begin to work with Good Energy to apply the “climate lens” to existing and developing OBB projects. 


Visit here to learn more about Good Energy and check out their groundbreaking climate storytelling playbook.

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