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OBB Internships

OBB Media hosts a paid summer internship experience for passionate and motivated college students seeking experience and insight into the entertainment industry. We will begin accepting applications for Summer 2023 starting February 15th, 2023. The deadline for applications is March 15th, 2023. Our summer internship program for 2023 will begin in June and end in mid-August and will be conducted in person in Los Angeles.

Those selected for interviews can expect to be contacted by the first week of April 2023.


OBB’s internship program offers a holistic approach to learning media production by combining educational programs with mentorship opportunities. With the desire to set our interns up for success, OBB embraces a mindful approach to job training by offering production experience, guest speaking engagements, networking and volunteer opportunities, resume workshops, and research projects.

OBB offers a Development & Production internship with opportunities to learn about film, television, branded content, podcasts, intellectual property, social media, legal, PR, and more. Interns also have the opportunity to specialize in one of the above areas to have a more tailored internship experience, should that be of personal interest or a requirement from their university. This internship is for active learners who are interested in broadening their horizons and drawing upon their knowledge, expertise, and unique interests to learn new skills. Here are some qualities we look for:

●  Motivation.

Our internship offers access to many facets of the industry and a self-starter attitude helps interns set goals and find the right forms of guidance at OBB and beyond.

●  Collaboration, not competition. 

Employees at OBB demonstrate a shared attitude of collaboration rather than competition and interns are expected to embody these values as well. Interns work on both group and individual projects every week.

●  Curiosity. 

We look for open-minded interns who have broad interests and specific passions. We design projects to encourage our interns to build expertise while at OBB.
Diverse skills and perspectives. 
We build a team of interns whose members bring a variety of experiences and outlooks to the table. There is no right way to enter the entertainment industry!

● Taste.

We’ll always ask what you’re watching and listening to, and are interested in your taste and opinions. Come through with a strong take and you’re bound to have a great discussion!


●  Available to be in person in Los Angeles for the duration of the internship. 

●  Passion for film, television, and/or podcast development and production.

●  Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Suite applications.

●  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

●  Strong research and organizational skills.

●  Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

●  Ability to work well within a cohort.

●  Open to new types of learning experiences.


Applicants should utilize this Google Form to answer a brief questionnaire and upload a resume and cover letter.

Only one application is necessary.


Those selected for interviews can expect to be contacted by the first week of April 2023.


These are questions we often ask during internship interviews- if you could answer these confidently, you should definitely apply! (Hot tip: applicants should strongly consider answering these questions in their cover letter when applying, that way a first interview can be used to make an even stronger impression!)

●  Why do you want to work in entertainment?

●  What kind of content do you want to make?

●  What role do you take on within group projects?

●  What is a skillset you’re looking to acquire with your next internship?

●  Which movies and tv shows are you watching? Which podcasts are you listening to?

●  What are your interests outside of film and tv?

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