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Forbes | Hailey Bieber Is Out To Prove Her Entrepreneurial Chops Are More Than Skin-Deep

Hailey Bieber, supermodel and self-proclaimed “skincare junkie,” has access to the most exclusive cosmetics in the world. But for the last two years, the products she’s most likely to have squirreled away in her handbag are unglamorous, unmarked samples that, for much of that time, have been unavailable to the public.

“When I run out of my Peptide Glazing Fluid, my skin, like, misses it,” Bieber told Forbes. “That was how I realized that it was a solid product, because when I run out of my samples, my skin doesn’t feel the same without it.”

In June, after much anticipation from her 60 million-plus social media followers and from beauty blogs around the web, Bieber unveiled what those unmarked samples were: hydrating skin and lip products from Rhode, the skincare company Bieber founded in 2020.


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