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PEOPLE | The Kid LAROI Details Mental Health Journey in New Documentary: 'Not Easy for Me to Go There' (Exclusive)

The Grammy nominee spoke with PEOPLE ahead of the Thursday release of Prime Video's 'Kids Are Growing Up'

Like many of his peers, The Kid LAROI decided to tell his story in a documentary. But his decision wasn't just about recounting his whirlwind rise to international fame, Grammy nominations and No. 1 singles.

Instead, he wanted his narrative to be for those who've supported him throughout the journey — to show them that they aren't alone.

Releasing on Thursday, LAROI's Prime Video doc Kids Are Growing Up: A Story About a Kid Named Laroi, directed by Michael D. Ratner, does indeed detail the 20-year-old star's success story. But within it, he gets much deeper about the things that make him human.

As LAROI tells PEOPLE ahead of the film's release, after cheekily joking that the whole thing is "all lies," his mission was to show fans that he's got more in common with them than they might think.

“The goal of the documentary — my take on it — was I just want to hopefully inspire people who might like my stuff and show people who watch me and support what I do, let them know that they’re not alone if they’re dealing with stuff," LAROI says. "I know sometimes things can look a certain way from a social media perspective or people can imagine that everything’s perfect in our lives or whatever, and I just want to show people that they’re not alone."

"We’re all dealing with, not the same problems, but we’re dealing with the same stuff that goes on up here," he says.


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